☐ Register for camps ☐ Label everything your child will bring to camp
☐ Backpack ☐ Water bottle
☐ Sunscreen ☐ Swimsuit (All Camps/ Everyday/ AM, PM, Full Day)
☐ Towel ☐ Lunch bag
☐ Snacks (If your child is attending an AM & PM camp please send multiple snacks for throughout the day) ☐ Change of clothes (All Camps/ Everyday/ AM/ PM/ Full Day)
☐ Extra diaper (preschool camps)

*Do not bring expensive items to camp. The NSYMCA is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Unless you have submitted a Walker Permission Form online for your 10+ year old, Yes. All campers will be signed in and out. Please be prepared to show ID.

Friendship requests may be submitted for Y Day Camps and Sports Camp. Due to the unique structure of activities at all other camps, children are placed into camper groupings and friendship requests are not available. The Friendship Request Form is part of the registration form. Request guidelines:

  • Only one friend may be placed with your child, and both must be registering for the same camp for the same days/week.

  • You may only request one friend, and that friend must also request you (you may turn in your requests separately).

  • Friendship requests that list more than one friend will not be honored.

  • Friendship requests are not accepted after June 1st.

Please indicate on the Registration form and fill out an additional Allergy form by clicking on our Important forms tab. If needed, you will need to provide an Epi-pen.. We suggest you pack only things your child is safe to eat and remind him/her not to share food. Please contact the camp registrar at [email protected]  for any questions concerning special lunch.

Full day camp:

  • Morning drop-off begins at 8:45 am. If it is earlier than 8:45 you will be charged for AM extended camp.
  • Pick-up is at 4pm. Campers not picked up by 4:15 will be charged for PM extended camp.

1/2 day camp:

  • Morning drop-off begins at 8:45 am. If it is earlier than 8:45 you will be charged for AM extended camp.
  • Morning camp ends at 12:00 pm.
  • Afternoon camp starts at 1:00 pm.
  • Afternoon pick-up is at 4pm. Campers not picked up by 4:15 will be charged for PM extended camp.
  • Lunch Bunch pick-up begins at 12:45 pm and ends at 1:00 pm.
  • View the camp guide for further information

You may register through [email protected]. You may submit a new registration form or send your request to [email protected]. We don’t charge a fee for adding camps.

Yes, we offer supervised care and playtime from 7:30-9am and from 4-6pm. You must register for extended camp

We have our HAWKS special needs camps! We will provide a one-on-one aide for your K-8 camper to ensure their success in either day camp or sports camp.We also have HAWKS high school camp for high school age campers. Please view our guide for more information.

Nationally, the Y has been a leader in providing summer camp and aquatic programs for more than 120 years, and is considered “the gold standard” in aquatic safety.  The Y is the largest operator of swimming pools in the United States, with more than 2,200 pools and is one of the largest providers of camp programs with over 1,920 day camps across the country. Y’s nationwide serve 800,000 participants through summer camp programs. We take the safety of our campers around water very seriously. We increase the staff supervision, add lifeguards and follow all Red Cross life saving policies.

  • We bring our own lifeguard staff to supplement the lifeguard staff at the water parks.
  • We always bring additional staff to water parks including our Camp Director and Assistant   Director, to ensure safety procedures are being followed and as an additional pair of eyes to watch the campers.
  • We use the buddy system at the water parks and do buddy checks to make sure all campers are with a buddy at all times.
  • Campers wear our colored wristbands at water parks to visually identify our nonswimmers/ beginners.
  • We bring our own life vests to water parks for our non-swimmers and beginner swimmers.
  • Our staff is stationed in designated areas around the waterpark and performs constant visual checks on that area.

Each camper should come to camp wearing sneakers and clothes that are comfortable and appropriate for the weather. We encourage campers to apply sunscreen each morning. Also, please label all campers’ clothing.  Camp t-shirt needs to be worn on field trip day. You will be charged $5 if we need to supply your camper with a shirt. Specialty Camps:

  • Gymnastics: leotard or shorts and t-shirt, Long hair needs to be tied back with hair tie and clips. Gym shoes for outside games.
  • Dance Camp: Water bottle, snack, ballet to tap shoes (or you can borrow form the donation bin)

Yes, please fill out a Walker Permission Form by clicking here.

Yes, each week has a different theme. This means that each week will have different games, projects & activities and field trips. View our camp calendar to see a full list of programs for that week.

You are welcome to talk to your child’s camp counselor at the end of each day. We will also have a weekly online newsletter to keep parents informed about daily camp activities, reminders and special events throughout the summer.

We have special lunch on Friday! We will provide lunch, a drink and dessert. All other days, your camper needs to bring his/her own lunch and drink. Please use an insulated and clearly labeled lunch box. On fieldtrip days, full day campers need to bring a disposable sack lunch. We also have a special Lunch ordering program run by special partners of the NSYMCA. Click on the Special Lunch Ordering Program tab to learn more!

No, please use insulated lunch box.

If you know in advance that you will be doing this, please send in a note with your child, call the camp office at 847-272-7250 x1233 or email [email protected]. Check in at the front desk and we will have a counselor escort your child and get your sign-out signature. Please note: you will have to get your child from the pool during Swim time.

We understand that occasionally, campers will need to be dropped off late. If this is the case, you must come in and sign your camper in with the team lead. The front desk/camp office will be able to help you find your child’s camp.

For safety and security reasons, we do not offer open visitation. This policy has been set up for the safety and security of campers. Camp is about building independence and this policy allows campers to experience the important life lessons we offer such as making choices, building friendships and having a place that is truly their home.

In the case of extremely hot weather, the camp director determines whether or not it is safe to remain outdoors. If campers stay outside, all necessary means will be used to keep campers cool. We will participate in water play and will take many hydration breaks. We may modify activities such as offering an extra swim period and rotating activities between the outdoors and indoors.

We will do everything possible to comfort your child. We will assess the situation and take necessary first aid measure (i.e. Band-Aids, ice packs etc.). In the event of a serious injury, we will immediately call the camper’s parents first and if they are unavailable, we will contact the emergency pick-up contacts. All questionnaires must be turned into the camp office by June 1 st to ensure the safety of your children.

Please be sure to apply sunscreen on your child before sending him/her to camp. We will reapply during snack and lunch time. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly labeled on sunscreen. We request all campers bring their own water bottle every day, and we have water breaks as often as necessary.

To ensure safety first, the NSYMCA has put in place multiple procedures to ensure campers’ safety.   Campers are tested during their first visit to the pool weekly.  Any swimmer who does not pass this test must wear a lifejacket and wear a red wristband during any free swim in the pool to identify that they are a non-swimmer/beginner.  This list is shared with all aquatic and camp staff.

All camp staff participate in an intensive training prior to the start of camp. The NSYMCA is committed to water safety and uses a comprehensive, rigorous training program to prepare lifeguards. All lifeguards are American Red Cross certified lifeguards with many holding multiple lifeguarding certificates; Most of our aquatic staff has been working for the Y for five plus years.