Adult Ballet

18 years and up

Designed for adults with some previous ballet training. Barre combinations as well as center combinations focusing on stability and balance are the foundations of this class. studying ballet can improve posture and the overall sense of well-being.  

Adult Beginning Tap

18 years and up

This introductory class will focus on setting the foundations for a fun tap experience by working on rhythms, syncopation, and balance. A great class for teens and adults who wish to start ‘from the top’ with a new style.


Adult Intermediate Tap

18 years and up

This class is designed for adults who have had some previous tap experience. Participants will review basic steps, work on more complex rhythms, syncopation, and balance, and move at a pace comfortable for those who have taken our adult beginning level, or who are joining back in from previous tap experience. 

Adult Private Dance Lessons

18 years and up

Learn a style of dance at your own pace in a one-on-one setting. Private lessons offer a great way for a beginner, or experienced dancer, to get personalized feedback and advancement. This class is perfectly tailored to what you are looking for in a dance class. This is also great for persons in a rehabilitation setting, as dance can help with posture, core strength, and a lengthening of the spine. Please contact the Performing Arts Office to set up a time that works for you!

Tipsy Toes Dance Workshop

No Experience Necessary. Learn more below by clicking the button.