Rock City

3-5 Years Old

Rock City® gives kids the chance to explore instruments at an early age and is perfect for those who are starting their first music class. Our preschool music classes use the power of storytelling to teach musical concepts to kids 3-5 years old. At the same time, students get to explore instruments like chimes, recorders, and more! In Rock City, kids can develop important skills for school, including early math and language skills.

This program is open to preschoolers of all skill and experience levels.


Rock N' Roll (New 2024)

0-2 yrs (Parent & Child)
Presented by Bach 2 Rock, gives young children the perfect introduction to music! These weekly, parent-and-child classes include fun activities like sing-alongs, story time, and instrument exploration. We make music fun for parents and children. At the same time, we foster important musical skills, as well as early development in areas like reading, math, and coordination!