Our mission is to bring in experts to educate you on topics that affect your life.  Our goal this year is to continue to offer programs for adults, but also to introduce more options for youth and young adults, and to deliver intergenerational programs and educational forums to provide more community connections and collaboration.  We are also hosting discussion platforms for social justice and equity issues and are working with community groups like RAIN (Racial Awareness on the North Shore) to bring people together to share and grow and learn from one another.

We have experts offering programs monthly such as:

  • the physicians and medical professionals from Illinois Bone and Joint Institute who bring medical conversations to hundreds
  • our elder law attorney, Matt Margolis, who has open discussions on the first Wednesday of each month
  • our financial educators Wei Zhang and LeAnh Blanchard from the Heartland Institute of Financial Education who teach about money, finances and Medicare
  • and physical therapist Denise Schwartz who educates about everything from back pain to balance screenings
  • and Faith Avner of Shalom Memorial Funeral Home who helps people plan in order to make things easier for their loved ones
  • and Dr. Paul Nevin who teaches Monthly Meditation

Plus, we have the Alzheimer’s Association, pelvic floor physical therapists, nutrition experts, psychologists, memory care specialists, social workers, a daily money manager, political officers, and the list goes on, who all bring their expertise to the YES throughout the year.

The Y.E.S. Program is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC and is available LIVE and recorded on our YouTube Platform. We hope that you will enjoy our library of videos and consider making a donation to help keep the Y.E.S. Program FREE to the public.