All swimmers will be tested on the first day of class and placed in the appropriate level. If your swimmer tests into a different level not offered during that class, they will need to move to the correct class. 

Due to the popularity of the program our classes fill to capacity. This makes make-up classes not possible. We find that moving a child to another class even one time affects the dynamics of the class. Our instructors teach to the individual and will work to ensure that missing one or two classes will not affect the child’s progress. 

Participants can register for only one swim lesson per day. Participants cannot register for consecutive swim lessons on the same day. Data has shown that back to back lessons are not efficient for learning as the lesson starts over with a different instructor for the second 30-minute swim class.

Swimmers with special needs are always welcome. We have a well developed swim program and staff that are highly versed in special needs. If your child does have needs, please let the instructor know so we can offer the best lesson possible. 

The best vantage point is the viewing area upstairs or the chairs on the pool deck. This allows the swimmers to remain focused on their lesson and instructor. The instructor will help the children during class and if a parent is needed the instructor will call them over.

When will report cards be published?

Progress reports will be available 24 hours after your last class of the session. This will give your instructors adequate time to complete all progress reports after the last lesson. Progress reports will be given out during the Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions. Swimmers will need to attend over 50% of lessons to receive a progress report.


Are there still paper report cards?

No, at this time we are doing a full online system for tracking purposes.


Do participants need to make an account?

No, participants only need their name to access their report cards. There is no personal information shared on the Swimgen website.


Why have we decided to transition online?

  • No more soggy or lost progress report.
  • Accessibility to parents anywhere and everywhere.
  • More efficient record keeping.
  • Ability to easily track swimmer progress session to session.
  • Assistance with accurate level placement and continuing skills for future sessions.


For Questions Contact our Aquatics Director, Missy Contri.