We evaluate each gymnast on their first day of class. They are then placed at the appropriate level for their class instruction. We continue to hold periodic evaluations throughout the session to determine how each gymnast is progressing. If you have any questions about your gymnast's progression, please contact our Head Gymnastics Coach, Coach Jordan, at [email protected].

The viewing area for our classes is on the north side of the gym. For the safety of our gymnasts, parents and family members are prohibited from the small gym due to space constrictions.

During our periodic evaluations, we evaluate our advanced progressive gymnasts for readiness to move to our Pre_team Competitive Program. The Competitive Program is by placement only and tryouts for Pre-Team Bronze and Competitive Team are held in the spring and summer for the following season.

Is your gymnast wanting to practice their new skills at home? We get it - gymnastics is SO MUCH FUN! Here are some tips and tricks for your gymnast to work outside of the gym safely.

Always warm-up.

This means you're running in place, doing 100 jumping jacks, burpees! It's important to get the blood moving through the body and physically increasing the heat of your body.

No new skills.

Did your gymnast come home beaming about a new skill they just learned? That's great - we want to hear all about it! BUT we don't want to see it! If they just learned it, now is NOT the time to do the skill at home. Encourage them to tell you about how they felt when they got their new skill, but please do not ask them to show you.

Only skills that gymnasts can do without a spot.

Leave the spotting to the coaches, please! We are trained in how to spot gymnasts safely to ensure the head, neck, and back are not compromised during skills.

Beware of your surroundings!

A glass-top table in the living room is probably not the safest place to practice your gymnastics moves. Find a space that is open and free from furniture that could hurt the gymnast.

Finish with stretching.

Always stretch! Gymnasts need to be flexible so, remember to stretch out your legs by reaching for your toes, wiggle your wrists and ankles around, and finish with some back mobility exercises.

Want more tips? Keep an eye out for our newsletter where we'll tell you about what the gymnasts have been working on in class and how to continue the fun at home safely.

Initial placement into the competitive program is done by Coach evaluation and recommendation. For mobility within the competitive program, such as Pre-Team Bronze or the Competitive Team, gymnasts must try out each year. Tryouts are held in the spring and during summer gymnastics camp.

  • Tiny Tumblers should wear active clothing or a gymnastics leotard. Long hair should be pulled away from the face.
  • Progressive gymnasts are recommended to wear a leotard to class and long hair must be pulled away from the face.  Gymnasts may wear shorts over their leotards.  Boys should wear athletic clothing that allows for a range of motion in the shoulders and hips.
  • Pre-Team and Competitive Team gymnasts are REQUIRED to wear a leotard for practice and hair must be pulled away from the face. Jewelry should be limited and gymnasts may wear form-fitting shorts or leggings over their leotard.

Gymnasts are recommended to bring water bottles to practice in order to stay hydrated.  Other sports drinks (Gatorade, etc.), Juices, and Snacks are prohibited during practice.

In order to promote independence and ensure safety within the gymnastics gym, we ask that parents and siblings of Tiny Tumblers 3 and older remain outside of the gymnastics gym.