Chess Class By Glenview Chess

Grades K-5

Learn new moves, strategy, and checkmates! National Chess Masters Arjun & Gauri Manoj, of Glenview Chess, will provide all materials, instruction and leadership. Your child can reap the vast rewards that chess has to offer! Emphasis on learning through both game play and solving puzzles.


Sticky Fingers Cooking Class

Grades K-6

Your kids will have a blast cooking up and devouring our exciting, tasty, and healthy recipes. Our interactive classes incorporate S.T.E.A.M., culture, language, and more, led by our experienced Chef Instructors. Allergies are always accommodated and our plant-forward recipes are nut-free. Explore our lineup of ever-changing weekly recipes below and join us to WHIP up some culinary fun all year! Our cooking classes are perfect for all ages!


Kids Beginner Sign Language

Grades 2-5

This fun, interactive class will cover basic vocabulary including: alphabet, numbers, colors, people, emotions, places, food, drinks, sports, greetings, action verbs & more. Students will engage with partners & small groups while enjoying practice activities, worksheets & games in sign language! The Instructor will customize the pace based on kids’ progress & feedback. No prior knowledge of Sign Language is needed.


Sign Language 101

Grades 6-8

This engaging class is perfect way to add a new language to your tool kit or brush up on forgotten skills. Sign Language class will start with the alphabet but swiftly build vocabulary to include: conversational greetings, numbers, colors, people, places, things, food, verbs, emotions, activities, holidays & colloquial phrases. In small groups & with partners, participants will play games & role play. No prior knowledge of Sign Language is needed. Bonus: no homework!


Bucket Drumming

Grades 2-5

Ready to learn some funky grooves and jams using the most accessible instrument: A BUCKET?! Get ready to learn this staple instrument of Chicago. In this class, students will learn the proper way to handle drumsticks, snare grooves, and more! This is a great way to begin understanding rhythm and timing in music. By the end of this action-packed course, students will be able to play along to their favorite songs using the funky drum patterns learned with our instructor.


Soaring Self-Esteem

Grades K-5

When kids have strong self-confidence, they give their all to everything they do, are excited about trying new things and know that setbacks are set-ups for learning and growth. It’s easy to have confidence in ourselves when things go our way, but when we experience disappointment, it can sometimes be difficult to bounce back. Through engaging stories, fun activities and awesome arts & crafts projects from Adventures in Wisdom®, kids will learn the brain science behind how our mind works, how to shift negative thinking into supportive beliefs, the power of visualization & affirmations, a 5-step process for moving through fear and creating courage and how to become resilient. Imagine what your kids can accomplish when they have strong belief in themselves no matter the circumstance!