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Our Mini-Mover Monkey’s are just bouncing with energy and excitement! This division for preschool through kindergarten students focuses on developing independence skills, creative thinking, and a solid foundation for future technical excellence.

Our curriculum for our Mini Mover’s division is based on a conceptual approach centered on age-appropriate play and exploration-based teaching techniques. These techniques are based on the latest research into child brain development and are geared towards setting our students up for success both in the dance studio and as they move through their education. Parents can expect their Mini Movers to learn foundational skills in ballet, tap, jazz, and acro that will lead them through their training as they grow. In addition, we cover concepts such as Place, Tempo, Directions, and Sequences throughout our lesson plans.

Through these lessons, our Mini Movers develop their gross motor movement and special awareness while also learning the importance of taking turns and hard work.

Creative Movement Division