Kathleen-give-web-picMeet Kathleen, AKA Super Grammy!

For years, Kathleen was known to her grandchildren as “Super Grammy”.  You know the type, the ones who go for long hikes, go white water rafting and tubing down the river.  She was a 5 day a week workout warrior at the Y, swimming daily and taking fitness classes.  Then one sunny day on a golf course 3 ½ years ago, everything changed.  Kathleen was hit by a golf cart and cracked her head open on the cement.  She required 19 staples, had a concussion, multiple wounds, and a neck injury.  Later she was diagnosed with PTSD and nerve damage.  In the words of her 12-year-old grandson, ”Super Grammy” was now the “Gramster.”

Kathleen didn’t accept the new limitations, and the Y was her way back to being “Super Grammy.”  When her physical therapist (PT) cleared her to exercise, she signed up for the Y’s Balance class.  With a lot of hard work and encouragement from Y staff and fellow participants, she now feels safe to walk outside by herself and can catch herself if she starts to fall.  Further, her Neurologist is impressed with her improved balance and posture.  She’s back in water exercise as well. 

The mental health benefits of being at the Y have played a role, as well.  Kathleen has made lots of friends at the Y, including staff, who have provided laughter, ideas, and support along 

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her journey.  She has found inspiration in others who have recovered from major injuries and seen that with time, medical care, exercise, and emotional support, a meaningful life is attainable.

Today, Kathleen is back to regular exercise at the Y, and while she still suffers from nerve pain, she is healthy and COVID free, thanks to the Y’s safety protocols.  This past summer she was able to travel with her family, where she commandeered a kayak on her own, never losing balance, jumped off the pier to swim with her grandchildren, and was even able to dive under the water.   Kathleen says, “The Y was my way back to life.”  …….And her 12-year-old grandson, says she’s no longer the “Gramster”.  She has her sparkle back as “Super Grammy”.

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