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When will report cards be published?

Progress report will be available 24 hours after your last class of the session. This will give your instructors adequate time to complete all progress reports after the last lesson. Progress reports will  be given out during the Fall, Winter and Spring Sessions. Swimmers will need to attend over 50% of lessons to receive a progress report.

Why have we decided to transition online?​​​​​​​

• No more soggy or lost progress report.

• Accessibility to parents anywhere and everywhere.

• More efficient record keeping.

• Ability to easily track swimmer progress session to session.

• Assistance with accurate level placement and continuing skills for future sessions.

Are there still paper report cards?

No, at this time we are doing a full online system for tracking purposes. Progress Reports may be printed at home. 

Do participants need to make an account?

No, participants only need their names to access their report cards. There is no personal information shared on the Swimgen website.