Tax Deductions & Letter

  1. Go to

  2. On the home screen, at the top of the site, click PROGRAM REGISTRATION.

  3. Log in to your account or create an account.

  4. To the left is a column of buttons, choose MY PROGRAMS AND BALANCES.

  5. From this screen, you can see what you’ve registered for the past year and if there are any outstanding balances.

  6. To the right of this information towards the top you should see the FAMILY TAX STATEMENT. Please click.

  7. On the next screen, click LINK.

  8. A printable document should appear, that lists all family members that qualify for taxable programs.

What programs are tax-deductible?

At the YMCA, we have several programs that are tax-deductible. Our afterschool program, YTime, YCamp Days (such as spring and winter break), and Summer camp. If you are registered for any of these programs, they will appear on your tax letter.