Boost Your Visibility:

Showcase Your Brand: 
Gain significant exposure within the community by showcasing your products or services to a targeted, engaged audience.

Network with Local Influencers: 
Connect with other local businesses, community leaders, and potential customers to build valuable relationships.

Enhance Your Visibility:

Positive Association: 
Align your brand with a trusted community organization like the NSYMCA, enhancing your reputation and demonstrating your commitment to community values.

Build Trust: 
Foster trust and goodwill among community members who appreciate businesses that support local organizations.

Maximize Your Impact:

Exclusive Advertising: 
Benefit from extensive advertising opportunities, including your logo on event materials, our website, social media channels, and press releases.

Event Recognition: 
Receive recognition during the event through announcements, banners, and other promotional materials, tailored to your sponsorship level.

Showcase Corporate Social Responsibility:

Support Community Programs: 
Contribute to the funding of vital NSYMCA programs that benefit children, families, and individuals in our community, from health and wellness initiatives to our programs.

Philanthropic Impact: 
Demonstrate your company’s commitment to giving back through tangible support of the North Suburban YMCA.

Drive Sales and Lead Generation:

Direct Sales Opportunities: 
Engage directly with event attendees to drive immediate sales and expand your customer base. 

Collect Leads: 
Gather valuable leads and contact information for future marketing efforts and business growth.


Engage Your Employees:

Volunteer Opportunities: 
Provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for your employees, fostering team-building and enhancing morale. 

Represent Your Company: 
Allow your team to represent your business at the event, providing personal interactions and strengthening community ties.

Support YMCA’s Mission:

Promote Healthy Living: 
Help us promote healthy living and wellness throughout the community. 

Champion Inclusivity: 
Aid in providing inclusive programs that cater to diverse community needs, ensuring everyone has access to YMCA resources.

Sponsorship Form


Event you'd like to donate to:

I, The undersigned, understand that the North Suburban YMCA and its event organizers, sponsors, and volunteers cannot be held responsible for any loss, theft, damage, or injury that occurred before, during, or after the event. I agree that all information is correct and agree to charge my card with the amount listed.