8-18 Years Old

The NSYMCA swim team program focuses on endurance & stroke mechanics as we are a non-competitive developmental program. Our goal is to help bridge the gap between swim lessons and competitive swim team programs.

Our swim team program is designed to be a “first look” at competitive swim teams and give swimmers the information needed to start building the skills necessary to swim at the next level and compete. The main objective is to set up each swimmer for success so they may enter the next phase of their swimming career.  Swimmers work to refine their strokes in a swim team/club-type environment.

We are known as a feeder team which means many of our swimmers go on to other competitive teams including local for-profit swim teams and their high school swim teams.  Our intermediate swimmers have 40-minute practices and advanced swimmers have 50-minute practices twice a week. Swim Team offers 3 swim times per week but swimmers will pick 2 practice times upon registration.


To be considered for our club and to try out, we require that the swimmers are ready for increased swims and able to swim full lengths (25-50 yards) of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke including basic butterfly and proper breathing for all strokes. Please contact Missy Contri at [email protected] for swim assessment.

Upcoming Try Outs 

  • Wednesday 3/6 at 5:40pm
  • Email for next try out date. 

Swimmers who are not ready for the swim team are recommended to join our swim lesson program. Our swim lesson program is greatly different than others as we focus on stroke technique and endurance at every level from beginner to advanced. Swim lessons give the swimmers the opportunity to gain any remaining stroke development work that may be missing in a small group setting.

    Current Swim Lesson Participants

    Current swim lesson participants may join the swim team without trying out if they are eligible based on their swim level. Swimmers with Fish level skills will join the intermediate swim group. Swimmers with Flying Fish or Shark level skills will join the advanced swim group.

    Swimmers do not have to complete our entire swim program through Level 8 to be eligible to join our swim team program. Swimmers must successfully complete the Minnow level as they are best prepared for our swim team program and the added stroke refinement work.