Enough is by Jill Clark July artist
A Little Bit of Light by Jill Clark July artist
Childhood by Jill Clark July artist



Jill Clark 


Jill Clark - July artist 2023


We don’t see them coming, the small moments when peace rushes over us and takes our breath away. The glimpses of pure everyday joy that can bring tears to our eyes.  The meaningful moments that Jill Clark captures are not caused by the obvious - brilliant sunsets, a perfect garden - beauty everyone can see. Rather, her subjects have an honesty, a comforting well-worn familiarity that endears them to us in a way words cannot describe.  Her images speak to the heart in a small, simple, and unassuming way.  Until this YMCA exhibit, Jill has shared her work only with friends and family.  She is quite private about her extraordinary gift, but at the urging of many - she now brings her work to the public, even for a short time.

Ms. Clark has studied art at Illinois State University, Ray-Vogue School of Design, and the school of the Art Institute of Chicago.  She has also taught drawing, painting, and multimedia classes privately, as well as in the classroom.  In addition to art, she enjoys reading, traveling, and spending time with her three grandchildren.