Jan Keller Schultz

Jan Keller Schultz

Eight years ago while I was working as a Clinical Social Worker, serving children and families, I started taking art classes at TAC in Highland Park, as a source of relaxation.

I began with Sumi-e (Asian Art), moved on to water colors, and am currently experimenting with a technique where I cut up several of my watercolors and re-weave them together to form an entirely different work of art, with a focus on composition, color and texture.

This show is called Evolution, and reflects my changing interests and growth as an artist. Each thematic grouping of paintings includes a Sumi-e piece, a watercolor and a woven piece.

I would like to thank of my teachers:

Kay Thomas, David Dallison, Judith Joseph, Cheryl Steiger, Fran Vail, and Peter Jablokow.

And Thank You to Howard.