Often described as a dance studio housed within the YMCA, we truly believe that dance is for all. Over our fifty years of training dance students, we continue to be leaders in quality dance training and education on the North Shore and Northbrook area. As a studio, we help all students achieve their goals regardless of their background, experience, or future plans.

Our mission is to provide a quality dance education in an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, to inspire and nurture the next generation of dancers and performers, and to help all students achieve their full potential. Our vision is to see each student develop their talents in the studio in order to grow as leaders in their communities and appreciators of the arts. 




We pride ourselves on living up to the values we set forth in both our curriculum and our teaching philosophies. We are

WELCOMING – a place where you can be, belong and become

INCLUSIVE – We embrace the differences that make you, you

GENUINE – We value who you are and encourage you to be true to yourself and others

NURTURING – we’re with you in your journey to develop your full potential

HOPEFUL – we believe in you and your ability to be a catalyst of good in the world

ENTHUSIASTIC – We approach our work with passion and energy so that you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals