YMCA Arts programs and classes are excellent youhartclass.fwopportunities for youth to gain exposure to a significant aspect of our culture. Through the arts, participants experience activities that foster self-expression and build self-esteem, develop imagination, critical thinking and valuable social skills. Our instructors will encourage your child to explore different mediums such as ceramic, clay, paints and pencils.  For more information, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Visual Arts Director.

See class descriptions below.

Advanced Art

Learn how to use artistic principles to express your personality and create your own style of art. Realism and abstract art will be explored using pencils, pastels, paint, ink, and recyclables.

Adventures In Art 101

2nd-5th grade

This very popular class is child driven and encourages imagination and creativity while working on many 3D projects.

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Adventures in Art 102

6th-8th grade

Like 101, this very popular class continues to be driven by the students. They suggest ideas we tweak and develop, opening up imagination, creativity, and spatial awareness. Most of the projects are 3D.

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Building 101

If you like to tinker then you’ll love this class. Use everyday objects to build items such as a marble run or a race car.


Each student will create their own work of art on canvas using any mediums desired. This class is great for individually minded students who prefer to do their own thing while in a classroom setting.

Ceramics & Sculpture 101

K-2nd grade

Drawing isn’t for everyone. Some children prefer tactile projects and what better way to create them than out of clay, plaster, or other media. All clay pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

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Ceramics & Sculpture 201

3rd-5th grade

For those who love clay, continue the fun with this advanced ceramic class. Learn how to create more intricate pieces along with decorative techniques as well. All clay pieces are fired and glazed in our kiln.

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Drawing & Painting 101

This class is a great way either to learn how to draw or to continue honing your drawing skills. Students will learn basic art principles and rules by exploring with pencil, marker, paint, ink, and more!

Drawing & Painting 201

6th-8th grade

Keep expressing yourself as you learn new principles and techniques of art and how to adapt them to your own artistic style.

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Elements of Art 101

This class is designed for those who are serious about learning art but don’t want to drive into the city to attend the Art Institute. Projects are designed to incorporate art principles such as line, shading, pattern, perspective, color, space, and more. No class on 3/5, 3/26, 5/14, 6/11.

Elements of Art 201

If art is your thing, then you’ll want to continue to learn about art mediums and art principles such as depth, perception, and more. No Classes on 3/5, 3/26, 5/14, 6/11.

Faces, Features & Hands

4th-8th grade

Learn to draw faces, features and hands in a fun, non-repetitive way using 2D and 3D projects.

Mixed Media Expressions

4th-8th grade

You will develop a unique style that expresses who you are as you combine diverse media into a work of art that tells a unique story in unexpected ways.

Private Art Lessons

If you prefer one-on-one art lessons, we can do that too! Email Cathie Winnie, Art Director, at cwinnie@nsymca. org to find a date and time that would work with your schedule. (*Discounts and specials do not apply to this class.)

Paper Engineering

4th-8th grade

Learn how to use paper to create sculptures, reliefs, origami, and more.

Special Needs Art

For those with special needs who will enjoy and benefit from a smaller classroom setting.

*Program offerings may vary from season to season. See our current program guide for further information and details