Adult Programming
03.05.2018 11:15 am - 12:15 pm


"Inflamm-aging" Inflamation and Aging - Monday, March 5 @ 11:15 AM - YMCA X-ZONE

How Chronic Inflammation Influences the Aging Process and What You Can Do About It. 

Elisa Rabin, MSOTR/L health care provider for 30+ years and a pioneer in the study of "inflamm-aging" will teach you about the causes of inflmmation and how it impacts your body and influences the way you age.

Do you often get headaches, feel fatigued, experience abdominal bloating, skin rashes, muscles aches/stiffness, confusion memory issues and not understand why? Learn how environmental factors, food in tolerances and chemical hypersensitivity can cause inflammation that can result in these discomforts. 

Learn the impact of
• Certain Foods
• Electronic gadgets
• Household chemicals, pesticides

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