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The Adult Education Series is a series of presentations offered by experts in their field who share their expertise regarding topics of interest to adults in our community.  


Even through the pandemic, the NSYMCA hosts an average of six AES presentations a month and they are always FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. 


Some experts offer programs monthly such as the professionals from Illinois Bone and Joint Institute who bring medical conversations to hundreds, and our elder law attorney who has open discussions on the first Wednesday of each month.


Plus, we have the Alzheimer’s Association, physical therapists, nutrition experts, financial experts, psychologists, memory care specialists, social workers, political officers, and the list goes on, who all bring their expertise to the AES throughout the year.  


In addition to presentations, the Y has offered memory screenings, balance, and fall risk assessments, hearing screenings, and hearing aid checks and will do so again when social distancing restrictions are relieved. 


If you would like a reminder email for any of the Adult Education Series events, please register by emailing Karen Brownlee at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Upcoming AES Events:

September 29 - Heal Heel Pain

October 6 - Understanding Alzheimer's and Dementia

October 7 - Discussing Important Documents: Advanced Directives and Having "The Conversation:" An In-Depth Discussion of Powers of Attorney, HIPPA, Living Will Documents

October 13 - The Power of Meditation Part II - Learn How Meditation Can Enhance Your Life

October 14 - Understanding Parkinson's Disease

October 20 - College Coaching and the FAFSA Process - Demystifying College Admissions & the Submitting FAFSA

October 22 - Nutrition for Women: Unique Considerations

October 27 - Medicare Supplement vs. Medicare Advantage

October 28 - Knee and Hip Pain & Treatment Options - How to Manage & Treat Arthritis and Other Ailments of the Hip and Knee